A Gathering Place

Third Space Studios is a mindful business that promotes inclusion, diversity of thought, and bridge building in our greater community. We bring together individuals and groups from diverse personal, familial, professional, racial, and religious backgrounds to create a community of understanding and reciprocity.

We accomplish this through our on-going discussion groups, meetups, classes, and art/music events geared toward creative expression, mindful living, spiritual development, and thoughtful collaboration. 

Join us for one of our circles, hang outs, art strolls, concerts or community gatherings. Get details about our upcoming events here.

What is a third space?

First and second spaces are areas of life in which we interact physically and socially with others (such as home and school/work.) Third spaces are the in-between, or hybrid, spaces, where we bring together the first and second spaces to generate a new space. In this "in-between" space, identities are formed, reformed and constantly in a state of becoming.

collaborative Partnerships

At Third Space Studios we build collaborative partnerships with mindful and creative business owners and social impact groups in Provo/Utah County. We use our space as an incubator for these business owners and impact groups, providing them with various types of support to build and grow. 

Click here to schedule an appointment with our partners to discuss a potential collaboration.

we like sharing

Interested in renting our space for your private event? Whether it's a wedding breakfast, lunch or intimate reception, a business meeting or party, a university reception, or any other type of private gathering, we've got plenty of space! 

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