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Wise Woman Full Moon Circle featuring Florence Hawkinson

  • Third Space Studios 247 West Center Street Provo, UT, 84601 United States (map)

Native Americans wisdom says when a girl starts menstration she enter her wisdom, through her child bearing years she practices her wisdom, at menopause she is crowned in her wisdom. Our culture does not understand or value the power of menopause, the crowning of a woman and her life. This is unfortunate because it is through these woman we will be able to birth and nurture a new society, a new world. What would happen if instead of seeing women “of a certain age” as obsolete  we honored and sought out their wisdom and blessing? What would the world be like if these same women understood and saw themselves as the Divine sees them as complex and powerful creators, nurturers, and that have moved through profound stages of life and gained knowledge, compassion and wisdom. Woman never stop creating, giving birth, nurturing and assisting death, we just do it in new ever expanding arenas. The Wise Woman Full Moon Circle is an opportunity to lay claim and receive the blessing of these amazing women that surround us. Each circle will be unique to the the woman being highlighted. There will be teachings, demonstration, meditations. creating and most powerfully the blessing that each of these wise women will gift to us in the circle and our community. Please join us in honoring and receiving. 

Suggested donation $10