Full Moon Circle with Zina Bennion

Maiden and Queen Full Moon Circle with Zina Bennion (@sego.strega) alternate with the Wise Woman full moon circles and be held every other month. These moon circles are intended to facilitate a deeper connection with your feminine aspects. They are a place to explore self care, self love, and your relation to the earth and it's natural cycles.

With the Full Moon, you have more energy and are ready to manifest the inner work you have done in the first half of the month into the outer world.  The Full Moon Circles will be open to all women and girls ages 12 and up! These circles will be focused more on connecting as community through talking, making things with our hands, and celebratory ceremony.

As these circles will generally involve more preparation of materials you will need to purchase tickets in advance so I have an accurate head count on supplies to buy (and there may be some classes that will need to be capped). Tickets will be available on my website.

Visit www.segostrega.com for more details.

Follow Zina on Instagram: @sego.strega